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The Drug Truth Network (DTN) is a media production organization dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness of the “war on drugs.”

Claiming the Moral Highgrond
Claiming the Moral High Ground - A Global Indictment of the War on Drugs video features 19 government officials and high level experts from around the world, all greatly desirous of being a part of this "indictment'. These experts describe in great detail the misery, the ineptitude, the corruption and the myriad horrors we inflict on ourselves and the whole world by continuing to believe in the policy of drug prohibition. Thankfully they also provide the simple solution, first to decriminalize to prove a point and then ASAP to legalize, regulate and actually control these now ludicrously named "controlled substances."

Cultural Baggage

08/03/22 Tris Reistone

KPOV reporter in Bend Oregon, Tris "Tristone" is a cannabis grower and a long time puveryor of fine cannabis lotions, tinctures and other products now working for High Desery Pure. Topics include decrim, illegal grows, penalties and a comparison of Oregon to the hosts state of Texas.

Guest(s): Tris Reistone
Organization: High Desert Pure
Tris Reistone
Download: Audio icon FDBCB080322.mp3

Link(s): High Desert Pure

Century of Lies

08/03/22 Sam Rivera

This week on Century of Lies: Support Grows For Harm Reduction. The Connecticut General Assembly’s Joint Public Health Committee hears from Sam Rivera, Executive Director of OnPoint, the New York nonprofit that operates two supervised consumption sites in the city of New York.

Guest(s): Sam Rivera
Organization: OnPoint
Link(s): Nation’s First Supervised Drug-Injection Sites Open in New York
Sam Rivera


Becker's Buds

07/20/22 Kim Ogg DA of Houston

Guest is Kim Ogg, the District Attorney of Houston Texas. She challenges drug war logic, seeks fewer arrests, more health care, etc. 5:10 Video

Half hour radio show discusses abortion, gun rights, Harding street bust and more. LInk: https://www.drugtruth.net/node/8889

Guest(s): Kim Ogg
Organization: District Attorney

Kim Ogg DA of Harris County/Houston


4:20 Drug War News

08/09/22 Tris Reistone

Tue - Tris Reistone 4