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Dean Becker, a former cop, has been reporting for Pacifica radio on a singular beat for the last 15 years – the war on drugs. Becker's new book, To End the War On Drugs, published by DTN Media, is available for Kindle through Amazon and in paperback from Amazon. Purchases will help fund distribution to media outlets, book reviewers and top dog politicians.

Dean Becker Cover This book features the thoughts of 115 experts on the subject of drug policy. Included are the words of scientists, doctors, cops, wardens, prosecutors, politicians, authors, prisoners, patients, pastors, pot providers and more.

In light of the major changes now taking place in criminal justice, broadcaster's focus and public perceptions, this book is guaranteed to rock the cradle of prohibition.

340 pages of unvarnished truth that will help bring an end to this century of lies.

To End The Drug War is approved and supported by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Rice University's James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy. We ask U.S. policymakers to join us in calling for a debate on the failure of our current drug policies and embrace a sensible approach of legalization and regulation.

“I've been reading through Dean Becker's amazing new book "To End the War on Drugs", and I'm not sure I've ever seen such a comprehensive collection of high-profile interviews focused on drug prohibition. Where else could you find candid interviews with Gary Johnson, Tommy Chong, Grover Norquist, Ethan Nadelmann, Willie Nelson, Elvy Musikka, Kurt Schmoke, Rick Steves, Mike Gray, and Alexander Shulgin?

For as long as I can recall, Dean has been the man in the background quietly, respectfully documenting this movement, and his gentle perseverance and ability to get such momentous interviews has won him and his radio programs many fans over the years. This book is like a love-letter to the DPR movement, as seen through the eyes of a reporter and amateur historian who never ceases to believe that the end of the war on drugs is near, and who manages to capture many of the key players that have given so much to replace the lies, prejudice and misinformation that underpin prohibition with policies based on science, reason and compassion.”

- Philippe Lucas, Center for Addictions Research of British Columbia
“Mr. Becker has amassed easily understood and shared facts that will devastate the last remaining drug warriors. This is the book to carry with you whenever the subject of drug policy comes up, no matter who you are talking with. Wonderful, powerful, inspiring.”

- Bill Fried, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
“Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. thought the Drug Enforcement Administration might find the book an interesting read. Thank you for sharing this publication with us.”

- Gary R. Owen, Acting Chief, Office of Congressional and Public Affairs, Drug Enforcement Administration
“To End The War On Drugs incorporates the logic, science, and rationale of more than 100 experts who recognize the obvious failure of drug prohibition. If you are looking for a single read that hits all the bases, you have found it here. Highly recommended!”

- Peter Christ, Former Police Captain
“If you have any questions about drug prohibition, read this book! It discusses all the issues from so many different and credible perspectives that by the time you have finished reading it, the futility of this policy will be completely exposed.”

- James P. Gray, Former Superior Court Judge of Orange County, California and author of Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed
“For decades, Dean Becker has given himself over to the cause of sane and sensible drug policies. In 'To End the War on Drugs', he explains his passion for reform, and tells us why he's been willing to make sacrifice after sacrifice to end this country's disastrous drug war. Along the way, we hear from scores of reformers (and more than a few apologists for U.S. drug policy). But it is Dean's voice that comes through loud and clear as he makes a strong, compelling case for an end to the War on Drugs.”

- Seattle Police Chief (Ret) Norm Stamper.